Wednesday, May 4, 2011

French food in New York

I have a new favorite restaurant in New York. Buvette.

Look at that adorable bicycle parked out front (on Grove Street) and imagine all the other thoughtful, fun and darling (but not precious or self-conscious) details inside. (I won’t list them, you must go and discover them for yourself).

The staff is polished and professional, but also cool and laid back. And the food: amazing French (and Italian) classics: tartines, fromage (all local and, the two we had, utterly delicious), coq au vin, rabbit, lamb, lovely veggies (we missed the salsify but had an incredible escarole and fava bean combo) tarte tatin, chocolate mousse... and incredible wines to boot. It’s my new hit of Parisian heaven in the city.


  1. A little Paris in NY, sounds wonderful.

  2. LOVELY! I will have a look when I'm in nyc...

  3. You are both right! It was a little taste of Paris in the middle of NYC and, Kasia, you must go when you're back - you'll love it! xo

  4. And a review in the NYT this week!