Thursday, December 30, 2010

La Maison Baccarat

One of the nice things about having a looming exit date (because the anxiety, stress and sadness/bittersweetness of it all is a potent cocktail that’s better left ignored) is the impetus for getting out into this beautiful city and doing some the things—some, there’s no way I can squeeze in all—I had wanted.

Last week, I finally made it to the Baccarat Maison.

No, not to dine in the Cristal Room (next time, mes amis!), but just to admire the insanely decadent chandeliers, sculptures, vases and other sparkly objects.

(Though some of them, owing to the current exhibition, were more hairy and feathery than sparkly.)

It was a quick and nice visit. But next time I would skip the relatively modest entry fee for the Maison and just go to the store.

It had a wilder and glitzier exhibition that really shone beautifully.


  1. I've been/dined there too, it's so lovely! I also live in Paris. I just started following your blog on Bloglovin, so I've missed the reason why you are leaving Paris... So why? And if you feel sad about if, why can't you just stay? :-)

  2. Lovely Amy ! I have to remind myself ( once the heat is passed) to start seeing Buenos Aires as if I am leaving soon .. Who knows, there are all sorts of likelihood's that you and I will run into each other in another hemisphere :)

  3. Getting distracted by shiny things is a huge downfall of mine. I'd never get out of that gorgeous place!

  4. Amy & Candice, I hope you're looking forward to all things shiny and sparkly this evening and especially 2011!

    Anon, I'm returning to NYC after nearly two years of working on Louis Vuitton's digital advertising here in Paris. It's been a dream (most hours), but I miss home. Family, friends, knowing the language, dating, feeling understood... little things like that. I feel sad about leaving, but also really excited and ready. Happy 2011!